Saturday, November 22, 2008


One of the great olden days bogue memories is when you would order the number 42 beef and black bean (now replaced by XO sauce), sizzler from your local chew’n’spew Chinese establishment.

Nothing. No, NOTHING is more impressive than brown food coming to your table sizzling and smokin’ like a peppy Paul Licuria dance routine. Nothing.

It’s pizazz.

It’s pizizzle.

But wouldn’t it be mighty fine to sizzle at home?

Well folks, I got me a set of these babies- each individually wrapped in their original cardboard boxe. When me mum bought them she was infected with pure and fabulous genius.

Though she hates them now and wants to get rid of them. Something to do with space in the pantry to put more cake decorating accouterments.

It’s not going to happen. Hell. No. These Gourmet Sizzlers are mine oh mine for life and I fricken well love them.

And here’s my favorite Sunday night watching bloody good period drama on the ABC Gourmet Sizzler dish.

Stephanie Alexander’s Spanish Ham and Eggs
Serves 1

It’s in Stephanie's big book if you got it. You gotta have her big book by the way. Don’t have it and you’re a dumby.

2 chunks of ham (especially tops if taken off the Christmas supply)
2 eggs broken and emptied into a coffee cup
1/4 cup of vinegar
2 tablespoons sugar
1 sprig of parsley chopped up a bit
Olive oil
1 cup of love
1/2 a cup of tenderness

Cook both bits of ham in a big splash of olive oil until both sides until they’re brownish. Transfer the ham to a plate. Sprinkle the sugar in the oil until it bubbles like a mad bastard and starts to caramelise. Pour on top the vinegar and wait half a minute until all hell breaks loose. Drop the ham back into the Gourmet Sizzler, get excited and then carefully drop the egg on top and around the ham. Cook until the egg consistency impresses the hell out of you. Get it off the heat and serve with the parsley, love and tenderness evenly sprinkled on top of the fine production.



Stremps said...

An entire CUP of love? Doesn't that affect the texture?

Anonymous said...

Chef Peters,

Some questions:

* Does the sizzler give off a lot of spectacularrrrrrrrly impressive smoke?

* Does the wooden-plate-thing adequately protect your hands from the hellfire burning hot plate? If not, what is the correct way to carry it to table?
a) oven mitten
b) folded tea towel
c) dining trolley

Thank you for your blog.
Beyond borscht is beyond me.

Lucky Boris Yeltsin is Dead!

paddy said...

i'm getting a food boner...