Sunday, January 18, 2009


If I die overnight by heart explosion, this bit of prawn toast eaten at today's Victoria Street New Year's festival, is the reason.

It's bread deep fried in vegetable, sesame and fish oils.

Then they get some taro, nuts, carrot, minced shrimp and a king prawn and deep fry the lot in them evil oils.

Then they pour some hoisin on top.

Then I bite.

And then my heart and stomach start a long and explosive demarcation dispute.

Afterwards I shared a big cup of iced sugar cane water, some minced beef wrapped in betel leaves skewered on a stick, some honey pork mince skewered on a stick, a crazy massive prawn cracker drizzled with molasses and sprinkled with fresh, shredded coconut, and for irony's sake an icy cold can of coke from the Vietnam veterans stall.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to line the walls with plastic for when my heart explodes outta my chest later on in the evening.


Glenn said...

Wahey I'm still alive!

Forgot to mention the forgettable shared bucket of salt and pepper chilli squid legs.

Now excuse me, I've just buzzed the nurse for some more dixie cups.

Glenn said...

Anthony Bourdain has some of these in his recent Thailand episode.